Welcome to Shrinetra Group

Shrinetra Infotech

Welcome to Shrinetra

Shrinetra infotech is an IT company formed by a team of young, devoted developers familiar to a large variety of professionals experience in business intelligence research and analytics. Our product reflects the programming languages, experience of marketing and business intelligence with the view of delivering the best solutions for your business.

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Coal Bazaar Screen Shot

Welcome to Coalbazaar

Coalbazaar.com is a unique website made with the idea of sharing an information gateway between coal producer/miners/traders to the consumers/end users. We understand that in this sector confusion is over clarity. In order to create some awareness and knowledge to solve there queries at the most by delivering information.At coalbazaar.com we provide every customer ...

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Coalmandi Screen Shot

Welcome to Coalmandi

“Why to go REVERSE when you can move FORWARD” And that was the start of ShrinetraInfotech unique we-procurement website, made with one focus - the Traders. As we all know in India the demand of coal is more than its supply then why to participate in reverse auction and lowering the profit. Coalmandi.com was founded on the promise that it should be...

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Salts Screen shot

Welcome to SALTS

Shrinetra Alliance for Liasoning and Transportation Services (SALTS) is a purposive relationship between two or more business units that involves the exchange, sharing and co-development of resources or capabilities to unite and reach objectives that are mutually beneficial, while remaining independent. SALTS is a relationship between firms to create more value than..

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